The story was born in the 60s in Marsala by Pino Palermo, who after having frequented the workshop at the most renowned tailor's shop in the city, decided to open his own tailor's shop.

In the years to come he sensed that the world was evolving and with it the consumer and so in the 70s he opened the first men's store: 2P Confezioni.

With the aim of innovation and strong in the values handed down from their father, in the early 90s his sons Sergio and Roberto took over the leadership of the company.

Persevering, attentive and scrupulous in research and structuring themselves to make room for a wider selection of products, today their company has three stores.

The historic men's store which, through a rebranding operation, takes the name duepistudio uomo.

A second, DUEPISTUDIO donna entirely dedicated to women's prèt-à-porter. A woman who from everyday to elegant reveals herself in her sophisticated, refined, exclusive world of hers.

Dynamic woman who gives voice to her implacable femininity.

A third SPAZIODUEPI, a concept store dedicated to the presentation and sale of new brands, which is renewed from season to season.

In the scenario of a progressive growth of the online commercial sector, finally, the e-commerce was born

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